Celebrating 40 years of adding value to the maritime community!

This year, we had the pleasure to honour our past, embrace our present, as well as making plans for the future through various events, accompanied with people from all around the world, that played a crucial role to our development!

Posidonia 2022: The LALIZAS Force at full steam!

Following a four-year hiatus from Posidonia, because of Covid, the exhibition was back at full steam and successfully completed on the 10th of June.

A total of around 1.930 companies from all over the world attended the most prestigious event of the shipping industry.

#thelalizasforce was part of this landmark event, with a powerful presence of 70 LALIZAS...

Supporting Symplefsi’s remarkable activity, by ensuring volunteers’ safety at sea!

It is an honor for LALIZAS to support the NPO Symplefsi (+plefsi), whose mission focuses on improving the quality of life at Greece’s smallest, outermost and most isolated islands.

Symplefsi’s volunteers travel to these islands in RIBs with the aim of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants, mainly by providing free medical examinations and implementing infrastructure projects for the local communities.

We provided our premium...