LALIZAS 2nd  Maritime Service Providers Summit 2023 was successfully completed in Greece with remarkable attendance!

2023-09-22 | LALIZAS 2nd Maritime Service Providers Summit 2023 was successfully completed in Greece with remarkable attendance!

Four months after the first LALIZAS Maritime Service Providers Summit, we had the pleasure to welcome once again more service partners from around the world in a two-day event at LaLiBay Resort & Spa.

On 20-22 September 2023, the LALIZAS 2nd Maritime Service Providers Summit took place in Greece, at Aegina island, with a remarkable attendance rate that exceeded our expectations.

Service providers from more than 30 countries were invited to attend the Summit in order to get to know each other better, in an effort to explore opportunities for future synergies.

Having a long history in manufacturing lifesaving equipment following the strictest criteria, we pay particular attention on the proper service of this equipment, with the goal to follow the lifecycle of our products, ensuring safety at sea.

Thus, maritime service providers are really important to us, as they play a crucial role on the best care and installation of lifesaving equipment.

During the Summit, we had the chance to meet many of our partners in person & spend quality time together, getting to know each other better, combining business & pleasure.

The event garnered a high level of correspondence and engagement, with attendees actively participating in discussions, networking, and knowledge-sharing sessions.

We had the opportunity to provide insights into our company’s structure as well as our development within the commercial & maritime markets.

Consultations on Fire Safety & Rescue (FSR) Services and the related Technician’s App led to very interesting discussions among LALIZAS Reps and our guests.

What drew a lot of attention from the audience was the F&I (Fast & Independent) Liferaft Exchange, a unique proposal to Ship Managers/Owners for a simple and fast liferaft exchange with no contract & no commitment, which was discussed in depth, with real-case scenarios.

Various LSA & FFE products were also presented and displayed during the event.

The Summit offered a unique opportunity to meet important partners from all over the world and discuss key issues that will help us create smooth communication and establish synergies among us.

Once again, we would like to thank the event’s team of LaLiBay Resort & Spa, an established maritime hub on Aegina, that helped us to achieve the smooth running of the Summit.

We thank all attendees, as their presence and active participation truly made this event a memorable and fruitful experience!